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What’s the council been working on? Here you can read:

  • the latest news about road works and,
  • other projects that Orange City Council has been working on.

Road closures in the Orange LGA

Roads that remain closed in the Orange local government area are:

* Bulgas Road

Ophir Road has been re-opened under a 40km/h speed zone. It is important that vehicles traveling on this damaged area drive to the speed limit to reduce the risk of re-damaging the pavement.

Many other roads have damage due to the weather and anyone driving on the roads should drive carefully and never attempt to drive through floodwaters.

Latest news on pothole repairs

Latest news on roads and roadworks

You can use this form to report a pot-hole in a local road or a damaged footpath.

If your request is urgent, or you’ve noticed a potential danger or health risk, don’t use this online form. Instead, telephone the Council’s 24-hour hotline on: 1300 650 511. In an emergency call Triple Zero (000).


roads work

All central west residents can play an active part in improving road safety in our community. We share our road network with a variety of road users for work and recreation. Our roles as road users can change from day to day. We may drive a car to work or ride a bicycle for fun and become pedestrians for fitness or shopping.

Road safety is a community issue and the behavior we demonstrate as road users has consequences for us all.