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Ride Orange

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 [email protected]


Cycling in the Orange Region has something for everyone. From the racing cyclist to mountain bikers to leisure riders, from family friendly rides to those wanting to experience the many natural features of the area.

Either relax or challenge yourself. For those who really want to challenge themselves, try the enormity of the Mountain or the Pinnacle

Maybe a long tour through the many villages is for you? Every season provides a different backdrop for your ride. Brilliant greens and yellows of Spring and Summer give way to a kaleidoscope of colours in Autumn. Winter brings a fresh invigoration and a new look to the same landscape. Leisure riders and family groups are well catered for in and around the city. From city streets to cycle loops in beautiful reserves, Orange has it all for you.

Orange Ride Guide

Leisure riders and family groups are well catered for in and around the city. From city streets to cycle loops in beautiful reserves, Orange has it all for you.
This guide provides you with a range of maps to explore the region, but don’t be limited to just following the maps. Get out and explore!

The Orange Ride Guide booklet can be viewed as an issu e-booklet below.

The Orange Ride Guide (9.3 MB) is also available for download here.

NB: The range of ride maps are still current, however since the guide was produced in 2017/18 a number of online references are no longer functioning.

Disclaimer: While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, Orange City Council does not make any representation or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, or completeness. Riders embark on their adventure at their own risk and cyclists should take all reasonable steps to review road, weather, and seasonal farming conditions before they embark on their ride. Orange City Council is purely the distributor of this content and does not guarantee the safety of the trail



Bike Shops & Hire


Stock a large range of bicycles, spare parts and accessories. Full bike mechanic service and bike hire.
Address: Unit 4, 241 Lords Place, Orange | Phone: 02 6360 404
Open: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm,
Saturday 9.30am to 1pm


Stock a large range of bicycles, spare parts and accessories. Bike Mechanic Workshop.
Address: 202 Lords Place, Orange | Phone: 02 6362 3670
Open: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm


Bike Hire: Bissys provide a small range of adult and children’s bikes including tandem bikes and tricycles.
Address: 88 Warrendine Street, Orange | Phone: 02 6369 0666


Bike hire.
Address: 87 Hill Street, Orange | Phone: 02 6360 4833

Orange Cycle Clubs


The Orange Cycle Club organises weekly social rides, junior events and a range of competitive rides in the Orange area. More:


The Orange Cycle and Triathlon Club incorporates the Orange Triathlon Club, Orange Cycle Club and the Orange Bicycle Users Group (BUG). All groups hold regular races and training rides throughout the year and welcome visitors to their rides and events. Please refer to the club’s webpages and contacts for additional information on the clubs and events. More:


The Orange Mountain Bike Club hosts MTB races and events, maintains and builds trails, holds social events and much more.


The Bicycle User Group organises regular social rides in and around the Orange District. For further information and updates on recreational rides and news contact Gina Browne on 0439 737 570. More:

Blue-prints for Bikes

Orange City Council has adopted a  number of cycling blue-prints for the future, aimed at positioning Orange as a city that promotes and encourages riding and bicycle-awareness for the entire community. In June 2016 Orange City Council adopted the Orange Active Travel Plan_Part A_Version 4  which includes a number of infrastructure upgrades and social-educational changes. 

This community engagement site includes more information about the Active Travel Plan.

An enlargement of Orange’s current bicycle network has begun.

This work will include:

  • road-marking and signage programs
  • new bicycle and shared pedestrian paths
  • more bike stabling facilities
  • in the Moulder Park precinct, an upgraded velodrome and a criterium track.