Stormwater harvesting delivers water in January, during a drought

By February 3, 2020News, Water

Despite the ongoing drought and no natural run-off into Suma Park dam, Orange’s storm water harvesting system continues to add to our water storage, according to the monthly tallies for January.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology Orange received 135 mm of rain during the month of January.

“That rain simply soaked into parched paddocks around Orange and there was no natural run-off into Suma Park dam,” Mayor Reg Kidd said. “However it was a different story with Orange’s streets and car parks and gutters which collected our stormwater.”

PONDS : Pictured alongside wetlands on Escort Way, Mayor Reg Kidd is pleased with the impact of Orange’s stormwater harvesting system.

“Our stormwater harvesting system added around 62 megalitres of water to our storage, or around six days’ water use. That puts the community of Orange another six days further away from moving to Level 6 than we were expecting to be at the start of January.”

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