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Street Banners

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 [email protected]

Orange City Council wants to hear from community organisations that want to use the Summer Street banner poles as a promotional tool.

The City Council aims to provide a system which offers organisations access to the banner poles in the Central Business District in Orange to promote events and organisations which benefit the community.

Complete the Banner Request form and submit to Council.


Banner poles are available in Summer Street, between Hill Street and Peisley Street and in Anson Street, between Summer Street and Byng Street.

These areas are segmented as follows:

Zone 1 – Hill Street to Sale Street
Zone 2 – Sale Street to Anson Street
Zone 3 – Anson Street to Lords Place
Zone 4 – Lords Place to Peisley Street
Zone 5 – Anson Street – between Summer Street and Byng Street


Prices for erecting and dismantling banners is as follows (GST included):

1 zone – $268.95 (8 banners)
2 zones – $403.50 (16 banners)
3 zones – $537.75(24 banners)
4 zones – $672.30(32 banners)
5 zones – $806.80(40 banners)

The minimum charge for one zone is $268.95. This amount is charged regardless of whether banners are on display for one, two or three weeks.

  • Design and wording of new banners will need to be submitted to the General Manager for approval.
  • The minimum period for banner hire is one week and maximum period is three weeks.
  • The Council is not responsible for the loss or damage of any banners in the CBD.

Banners in Central Business District Strategic Policy

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