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Street names

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
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Suggestions for new street names

Orange City Council wants to hear from the community about suggestions for the names of new streets in Orange.

The Council only has a small number of opportunities to name new streets. However, when you use this form to suggest a new street name, these suggestions will be kept on file by staff to be considered when the option to name new streets comes up.

As well as suggesting an individual new street name, community members can also use this form to suggest a new theme for a series of streets in a new housing area.

Usually, when a new housing estate is proposed to be built, the developer may suggest an overall theme which links the names of streets together.

For example, a number of streets in North Orange are linked by the names of precious stones, such as Diamond Drive, Ruby Street and Sapphire Street.


How Street Names happen

Once Council has decided on a name for a new street, all new names in NSW must be approved by the NSW Geographical Names Board.

Here is some information from the Board to keep in mind, as you suggest a new name for a street.

Among the criteria for proposed names is the requirement that streets can’t be named after:

  • someone who is still alive
  • someone who has died less than 12 months ago


Use this form to suggest a new street name to Orange City Council, or to suggest a new theme for a number of street names.

Simply complete the form and press, ‘Submit’.


Please explain why you believe this theme would be appropriate for a new housing area in Orange
Please briefly explain why you believe this name would be an appropriate name for a new street in Orange.