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Music in the Park

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Live music in Cook Park – taking you around the world in one hour – by Orange’s award-winning brass band under Conductor Phil Rees (OAM). Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring a picnic and be entertained in Orange’s most beautiful park.

Venue: Cook Park Rotunda, Summer Street, Orange


Welcome to Summer Activity Pad

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Summer is sorted with Central West Libraries’ bumper book of activities!

Sign up via Eventbrite and collect your activity pad at the start of the holidays.  Enjoy puzzles, origami, paper craft, dog bingo, an insect tally and more.  There are enough activities to see you through Christmas, New Year and right into January!

The activities are designed for children aged 9 years and over to complete them independently. Children aged 8 years and under may need assistance from and adult or older sibling. We hope you will enjoy them together!