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Toddlers’ pool to be resealed

By November 8, 2018News

There’ll be no indoor swimming this weekend at the Orange Aquatic Centre.

The outdoor 50 metre pool will be available for swimming as usual across the weekend, but the indoor space will be closed due to the fumes expected when contractors paint the base of the toddlers’ pool.

The toddlers’ pool closed early October because paint from the bottom of the pool had begun to peel away. Successive efforts since then to engage local painting contractors were not successful.

It’s expected the toddlers’ pool will be closed for a further two weeks while the new surface cures and the pool is re-filled.

The centre hall will close this weekend from 6pm on Friday November 9,  with the intention to re-open the centre hall on Tuesday morning 13 November.

The pool base and walls will be coated with a new product, which comes with a ten-year warranty.

It’s expected there will be a large amount of fumes associated with the work because of the heavy-duty, water-proof nature of the paint.

The 50 metre pool is open as usual and weekend Learn to Swim clients have been notified and classes will go ahead in the outside pool.

Anyone with Learn to Swim classes on Monday or Tuesday will be contacted by the centre when more concrete opening times are known.

As part of the repainting of the pool, contractors will also coat the light coloured gravel, in the beach area next to the toddler’s pool, making the gravel less abrasive.

The dark-coloured gravel leading into the pool is to remain for safety reasons. The textured surface makes it less slippery and can help prevent falls.

During recent closures, Aquatic Centre staff have been able to carry out a range of ‘back-of-house’ maintenance.

Both male and female change-rooms have recently been upgraded and are both are open to the public.

There is still a little work to do in the female change rooms but they are accessible.

The 50 metre pool is being kept at a warm 26 degrees and temperatures this weekend are predicted to be a top of 21 degrees Saturday and 24 degrees Sunday.

Toddlers' pool to be resealed

Toddlers’ pool to be resealed


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