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Community to consider new LEP amendment on flood study

By July 24, 2019August 7th, 2019Major DAs, News, Uncategorized

A series of proposed changes to Orange’s chief planning document, the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) have gone on public exhibition for community comment.

As part of updating a local flood study, Orange City Council is proposing changes to both the LEP and the Development Control Plan (DCP) to manage planning issues is areas of Orange potentially affected by flooding.

These documents provide proposed flood planning controls for future development across Orange.

There’s more information about the flood study on the YourSay Orange site.

As well as proposed changes prompted by the updated flood study, Orange City Council is making use of this opportunity to put forward a range of other house-keeping and minor changes to the LEP.

The list of matters contained in draft Orange LEP Amendment 24 include:

1        Amendments to the Heritage Map and associated Schedule 5 entries to correct a range of minor errors.

2        Amendment to the LEP maps to correct minor cadastre misalignments.

3        Amendment to the Flood Planning controls, associated with an amendment to Orange Development Control Plan 2004, to place flood planning controls and mapping within the DCP.

4        Adoption of Combined Local Map 1 Sheet 12 to complete a missing section of the urban water catchment boundary layer.

5        Amendment of Combined Local Map 1 Sheets 9, 10 and 15 to update the airport Obstacle Limitation Surface to reflect the changes arising from the runway extension.

6        Amendment of Clause 4.1C in relation to multi dwelling housing in Ploughmans Valley.

7        Amendment to Clause 4.2 to include the E3 Environmental Management zone in the list of zones to which the clause applies. The clause permits the subdivision of rural lands of any size provided no new dwelling entitlements are created, enabling farmers to buy or sell fields for primary production purposes.

8        Adoption of a new clause in relation to the subdivision of split‑zoned and split‑sized land parcels to reflect the intention of the zoning and lot size maps.

9        Adoption of a new clause in relation to small scale cafés in residential areas, and associated amendment of Clause 5.4 to provide a floor space limit for such development.

10      Minor rezoning of land at Narrambla to align with cadastre boundaries.

11      Minor adjustment/rezoning of land along the Teamsters Walkway to align with cadastre boundaries.

12      Amending the SP2 zone applying to the Rural Fire Service site in Forest Road to reflect the emergency service usage.

13      Minor rezoning to change the designation of Jack Brabham Park from RE2 Private Recreation to RE1 Public Recreation.

14      Minor rezoning of neighbourhood shops in East Orange to B1 Neighbourhood Centre to better recognise the current use of the land at and around the East Orange Post Office.

15      Minor amendment to the Minimum Lot Size map in relation to land intended for a future caravan park on the eastern edge of the City.

16      Minor amendment to the water catchment boundary and zoning map in relation to land at Shadforth.

17      Creation of an Additional Permitted Use (APU) in relation to a dwelling entitlement at 120 Calton Road.

18      Minor amendment to Land Use Tables to explicitly permit Bee Keeping in the R1, R2, R5 and RU5 zones.

19      Minor amendment to Land Use Tables to explicitly permit Extensive Agriculture in the R5 Large Lot Residential zone.

20      Minor amendment to Land Use Tables to explicitly permit Secondary Dwellings in the R2 Low Density Residential zone.

21 Minor rezoning of land to excise a small portion of IN1 General Industrial land for residential purposes.

22 Minor amendment to the minimum lot size map in relation to approved subdivisions in the Shiralee area.

23 Minor amendment to rectify the Land Application Map. The change seeks only to confirm that Lot 1 DP 744765 situated on the eastern edge of Orange is within the official boundaries of Orange, in accordance with the proclamation of boundaries published in the NSW government gazette No 144 on 11 December 1992.


The Planning Proposal and associated documents for Amendment 24, including the Floodplain Risk Management Study and draft DCP amendment, may be inspected at the Customer Service Counter of the Civic Centre (ground floor), 135 Byng Street, Orange during normal office hours;

The documents can also be viewed online through these links:

Signed Gateway determination – letter to Council date…

Signed Gateway determination – Attachment B – Gateway determination …

Attachment 1 – planning proposal amendment request

Signed letter proceed to community consultation – 16 July 2019

Planning Proposal Administrative Amendment 24

PDC 4 December 2018 Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011 – Planning Proposal for an Administrative Amendment

Preliminary Site Investigation 5-7 Barrett Street

The maps that are part of the proposed amendments can be found on this page.

Making a submission

Any person may, during the period from Friday, 26 July 2019 to Monday, 26 August 2019, make written submission on the Planning Proposal, Floodplain Risk Management Study or Draft DCP amendment to Council.

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, 26 August 2019. If you wish to make a submission, please quote “Amendment 24” and/or “Floodplain Risk Management Study” and/or “Draft DCP” in your correspondence. If your submission includes objections to the exhibited material, the grounds of objection must be specified.

Information on making a submission can be found here.

All submissions will be evaluated and reported to Council following the exhibition period. When available, both the report and submissions may be viewed by any other persons with an interest in the Planning Proposal, Floodplain Risk Management Study or draft DCP.

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