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Upgrade planned for rural section of Forest Road

Orange City Council will soon start work on an upgrade of a rural section of Forest Road in the Spring Terrace area.

The upgrade is in the stretch of road between Orchard Road and Kelly Lane in Spring Terrace.

The 1 km long project will involve widening the current road bitumen seal from approximately 7 metres to 9 metres, with a half metre unsealed shoulder on each side.

As part of the upgrade, the existing foundations of the road will be stabilised with a cement-based hardener and road will be overlayed with approximately 25 cm of road gravel, increasing the strength of the road, before a bitumen gravel top surface is added.

The road work is expected to start early April and take approximately 5 weeks.

This project is co-funded with the NSW State Government under the Regional Roads REPAIR program.

Under state government legislation (Roads Act 1993 Section 29), Council is required to give notice to nearby residents if a planned project will significantly alter the levels or height of a road surface. This upgrade is expected to increase the height of the road surface by approximately 250mm (25cm) at the centreline of the road. There will be no change to driveway heights at the property boundary.

A letter has been sent to nearby residents to keep them in touch with details of the project.

Plans for the Forest Rd – Orchard Rd to Kelly Lane  project can be downloaded here.

Any comments or submission about the project should be made :

The deadline for comments is 6 April 2020.

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