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Red and green bins are collected every week.

The yellow bin is collected on alternate weeks, Week A or Week B. Download the 2020 Waste Guide

to find out your collection days.

To ensure your bins are collected every week, make sure you put the bins out in the street early on the morning on the day when collections happen, or if convenient, on the night before.


Unsure about where cheesy pizza boxes go? Tissues, aluminium foil, dog poop?

Click this link to find out which rubbish goes in which bin?

Green lid – Food and garden waste

Why should I use the food and garden waste bin?
Orange residents should make the most of this community-wide opportunity because it :

  • reduces the amount of waste we send to landfill by recovering up to 60% of the total waste stream,
  • reduces the production of greenhouse gas,
  • helps support a sustainable form of waste management which will last for more than 40 years.

What CAN I put in my food and garden waste bin?
Food scraps including: fruit and vegetables, meat, chicken, fish and all bones, dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt etc.), tea (also tea bags) and coffee, bread, rice, pasta and all grains, cake, biscuits, lawn/grass clippings, twigs and small prunings, leaves(dry or green) and flowers.

What CAN’T I put in my food and garden waste bin?
Plastic bags, plastic packets, cling wrap, any recyclables, building materials (including timber), medical waste (e.g. syringes), car batteries, gas bottles, rocks, soil, hazardous waste including chemicals , paint etc., honey (or any products containing honey), light bulbs or mirrors.

Can I wrap food waste before I put it in my bin?
While food scraps can be put directly into the bin, if you prefer, you can wrap the scraps in newspaper before you put them in your bin. Please do not place food and garden waste inside a plastic bag before putting it in your food and garden waste bin. Plastic bags can contaminate the compostable organic waste.

Can I put my waste in compostable bags before I put it in my bin?
No. To prevent contamination, all Food & Garden waste will be sorted before being shredded. If waste is enclosed in a compostable bag, the contents will not be able to be seen quickly during the sorting stage, and it will be put into land-fill.

I have more garden waste that will fit in one bin. Can I pay for extra collections?
Yes. Unlike the recycling bin which is collected fortnightly, the ‘Kitchen & Garden Organics’ bin is collected every week. If convenient, garden waste can be put aside until the following week’s collection, however the previous system where residents can pay for extra green-waste collections is continuing.

Residents pay for the extra service by buying tickets from the Civic Centre for $2 each collection. Simply buy tickets from the Civic Centre and attach it to the top of your old, privately-owned green-waste bin. The ticket, attached to the top of the bin, is the signal to the driver that the resident has paid for the extra service. The old privately-owned bins can continue to be used in this way, but only if they have a ticket attached.

This waste will be collected by the JR Richards Green-waste truck. If you don’t want to keep your old green waste bin, let the council know and JR Richards will take it away.

I put garden waste in my old green waste bin (with a bought ticket attached) and put the bin out with my other bins, but it was not emptied?
The City Council’s contractor JR Richards is using a different truck to collect the organics waste to the truck which collects waste from the red bins. This truck may come a number of hours after general waste truck. Residents should leave their bins out on the footpath and it will get collected.

Can elderly, frail or disabled residents get help to put their bins out each week?
Yes. Elderly or disabled residents who have difficulty putting out their bins each week can ask for help. Residents should contact the City Council with their name and address details. A JR Richards staff member will contact the resident to make arrangements. The driver of the first truck to make a collection each day will put out the bins. The driver of the last truck each day will push the bins back to the residence.

Can shops and businesses use the new ‘Food & Garden Organics’ collection collection?
Yes. Commercial or business premises were not involved in the initial roll-out of the organics bin, but they can be if they choose to.

A green-lidded bin can be supplied to businesses at a cost of $93.85 per year (Same as residential charge). This amount will be added to their rates and will cover the cost of a weekly collection. If businesses need a more frequent collection they can contact JR Richards to negotiate the cost of extra collections.

To help drivers know that businesses have paid for the new service, their new bin will be a slightly different colour to the residential green-lidded bin. Green-lidded bins brought from home to businesses won’t be collected.

All requests for a new bin must be authorised by the owner/agent of the premises, not the tenant.

Can I use a Kitchen Caddy?
For convenience, many residents use a ‘kitchen caddy’. This is a small lidded container that can be stored in their kitchen next to food preparation areas. Waste such as vegetable peelings and other scraps can be conveniently placed in the caddy, which can then be carried to the outdoor bin.

You can order a Kitchen Caddy  from the JR Richards Organics Hotline 1300 883 163 for $15.40. The caddies are not available at the Civic Centre, but should be collected from the JR Richards office at the Ophir Road Centre. Some residents will line their caddy with a piece of paper-towel or newspaper for ease of use. Plastic bags should not be used in the caddy.

I already have a bin. Can I get an extra bin?

As part of the normal waste collection, paid for by a property owner’s annual rates, the City Council will supply:

  • one red-topped bin for normal waste. That waste will be collected once a week,
  • one green-topped bin for kitchen and garden waste. That waste will be collected once a week,
  • one yellow-topped bin for recyclable waste. That waste will be collected once a fortnight.

The City Council understands that, because of extra seasonal waste or other circumstances some residents may wish to have an additional bin. There are currently two options which both require extra charges. For this reason, there is no on-line form available. Please contact the City Council.

1. Red or Yellow-topped bins
Owners of properties can arrange for an extra Red or Yellow-topped bin together with the weekly or fortnightly service. The extra weekly waste collection including the red-topped bin costs $251.40* (added to the annual rates charge). The extra fortnightly recycling collection including a yellow-topped bin is $98.30*. To arrange for a new bin, contact the City Council with your name and address details and a new bin will be delivered. Delivery will take about 1 week.

2. Green Waste bin
A green-topped organics waste bin can bought for $96.20* To arrange the collection of a green waste extra bin, residents can buy tickets from the council at the Civic Centre for $2 each*. A ticket should be attached to the top of the bin, where it’s clearly visible to the waste collection service driver. The bin should be placed in the street on the normal waste collection day alongside other bins.

All charges mentioned are current in the 2020-2021 financial year.