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Water harvesting system takes advantage of recent rainfall

By November 30, 2018News

Orange  City Council’s innovative stormwater harvesting system and the Macquarie Pipeline have been able to make the most out of this week’s rainfall.

Some areas in the water catchment received up to 48 mm of rain this week, which raised the flow level of the Macquarie River significantly.

Today, the Macquarie River is flowing at 246 ML per day, far above the minimum trigger point, (119 ML per day) that Council may operate Macquarie to Orange pipeline.

That has meant Council has been able to pump about 18.2 ML of water into Suma Park Dam, this week from the pipeline.

On top of this, the Blackmans Swamp Storm Water Harvesting Scheme, has collected 28 ML of water and the Ploughmans Swamp Scheme has collected 10 ML of water, and will continue to harvest water from Ploughmans, from the most recent rainfall, over the coming weeks.


The current combined water storage for Orange is 50.12 per cent, and the city heads into level three water restrictions tomorrow, December 1.

Suma Park Dam has not yet had any natural inflows from the recent rain because of the dry, parched land surrounding the catchment.

However, Council water harvesting systems have contributed 42.5 ML of water directly into Suma Park Dam this month.

On average, Council has been taking about 16 ML per day to service the city.

Somerset wetlands in Orange

Orange’s network of wetlands fed by the stormwater harvesting system is adding to local water storage

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