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Saving Water

Saving water is easier than you think. We have a range of tips and resources to help you save water in your home, garden and at work.

Smart water meter

As part of the introduction of smart meter devices across the region, Orange City Council wants residents, property and business owners to be a part of the slow integration and test period of smart meters in Orange. Smart meters are part of a larger program aimed tackling the issue of water loss. Whether it be through authorised consumption, unauthorised consumption or leakage, this lost water accounts for 10% of our water consumption.

Orange City Council aims to reduce this and we need the help of our residents to do so. Properties with smart meters installed would have received a letter in the mail regarding this change with appropriate instructions on where to go to get started and register to use the system.

For those who haven’t received a smart meter, don’t worry. This is part of a larger project and a smart meter will be coming to your residence in the future.

The Smart Metering Program offers benefits to those who sign up to and utilise the program giving them the ability to:

  • Set alerts and to detect water leaks
  • Set alerts for high water consumption
  • Have a greater insight into your own water use
  • Access helpful tips on how to save water and reduce your water bill

Please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 6393 8000 with any questions.

Sign up for a Smart water meter


Smart water meter instructions

Using greywater around your home

Many Orange residents are finding how convenient it is to use greywater to water their gardens. Greywater is the waste water produced from your shower, bath, spa, hand basins, laundry tub, washing machine, dishwasher or kitchen sink. While there are some concerns to be aware of and to be managed, the greywater option does offer some advantages for keeping your garden going through the drought. There are simple methods such as putting a bucket on the floor of your shower, or more major steps such as installing a diversion device or a treatment system.

You can download this fact sheet which has more information about these options.

Greywater fact sheet

Rainwater Tank Rebate

As another water conservation measure, Orange City Council offers a rebate to home owners and businesses to encourage them to install rain water tanks.

There are a number of criteria to qualify for the rebate which ranges from $100 to $750, depending on the size of the tank and how it’s installed.

The Rainwater Tank Rebate Application Form and Policy includes more details about the criteria. The completed form should be sent to [email protected]

Rainwater Tank Rebate Form and Policy

Smart Water Advice resources

Orange City Council is a proud supporter of Smart Water Advice. In collaboration with Smart Approved WaterMark, we are providing a range of tips and resources to help you save water in your home, garden and at work.

Visit the Smart WaterMark website

Blue House

Check out this interactive resource from Smart Approved Water Mark. You are invited to spend five minutes in our water loving home to see how easy it is to save water. You can apply these handy tips to your own home.