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Why is the Council still approving new houses when we are short of water?


Orange’s water storage dam and water infrastructure was designed as part of a long term water management strategy to cover the next thirty years.

While that doesn’t mean and from time to time, there won’t be water shortages, it does mean we have enough capacity for a sustainable level of growth.

Orange has been building an average of around 300 new homes a year. This number hasn’t changed in recent years. This is a sustainable, responsible amount of growth.

This level of steady growth sustains a local building industry, with many employees.

It would be difficult to simply ‘turn-off” an industry and then expect to be able to ‘turn it on’ again.

Council is currently working with the building and construction industry to look at ways to reduce the use of town water in the construction of new houses.

All new houses are required under the BASIX program to install water efficient devices.

Council is also investigating alternative water supplies to increase Orange’s water security.

A development approval can be valid for up to 5 years without starting any building works. Therefore not all approvals granted during this time will be built now.

Council anticipates and responds to growth by continuing to develop water infrastructure.

Developers too are playing their part. Orange’s newest proposed housing development, currently the subject of a re-zoning proposal in Clergate Road, is designed to be water-neutral. i.e. it will collect more water from stormwater harvesting design features than it will use.


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