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Work experience

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 [email protected]

Each year Orange City Council accepts a number of high school, TAFE and university students who want to begin work experience in one of the departments and work areas. AUSTSWIM students can also apply to complete the practical component of the course at the Orange Aquatic Centre. This page contains information about how to apply for work experience as well as the application form.

Who can apply?

Any student who needs to complete work experience as part of their course curriculum and is covered by their educational institution’s insurance can apply for a work experience or internship placement.

What areas of the council can I do work experience in?

This information has been designed for students who are considering applying to the council for Work Experience. The table below outlines the areas that may be available.

Indoor workAreas with some outdoor work
Town PlanningParks & Gardens
Administration & GovernanceSport & Recreation
Media & CommunicationsEngineering & Asset Management
Human ResourcesAquatic Centre
Information Technology (IT)Road works
FinanceMajor Projects
Business & Economic DevelopmentWaste Services
Children ServicesWater & Sewer
Cultural Services (Art Gallery & Museum)Building Maintenance
Community ServicesCemetery
LibraryNatural Resources
TheatreHealth & Building

Do I require any certificates before beginning work experience?

While there are no prerequisites for work experience in most areas of the Council, these areas do require the following certificates/qualifications prior to being accepted for work experience:

  • Volunteer Working with Children Check – Children’s Services
  • White Card – This is required for any area that has some element of outdoor work.
  • A copy of your current CPR certificate and the AUSTSWIM user report on successful completion of online exam will be required prior to undertaking any AUSTSWIM practical hours at the Aquatic Centre (NOTE: prior to applying you must also be available to complete all practical hours within a 10 day block of lessons which may be morning and/or afternoons).

Note: As per relevant NSW Public Health Order 2021, it is a mandatory requirement for work experience students who wish to work in Children’s Services and Community Services (Disability and Aged Care Services) to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

How do I apply?

Interested students needing to complete work experience as a part of their course curriculum must complete the application form at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed commencement date and attach all relevant documents to their application.

Complete your application below

Attach copies of necessary documents, such as:

  • Resume
  • Confirmation of from learning institution that you are a currently enrolled student
  • Confirmation of insurance coverage from learning institution.
  • University Transcript (if applicable)
  • Working with Children check
  • White Card (if applicable)
  • CPR Certificate (if applicable. AUSTSWIM only)
  • AUSTSWIM User Report (if applicable)

If you have any further questions please email Human Resources at : [email protected]

A member of the HR Team will review your request, check the associated documentation meets the Council’s requirements and liaise with the relevant department to see if they are able to accommodate the placement.

A letter/ email will be sent notifying you whether or not the request for work experience is able to be accommodated. Please allow and plan for 2 weeks to complete this process.